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Format Disk Partitions in Linux - Follow this guide ?

This article covers how to manage disk partitions in Linux. In fact, It supports various partition tables and lets you create, delete, and modify disk partitions, so you can utilize the disk space effectively to install operating systems, back up your data, and organize your files.
Now you can manage disk partitions in Linux easily and subsequently be able to get more out of the storage, be it for installing a new OS, dual-booting another OS, or improving file management.

How to Manage Disk Partitions in Linux With fdisk ?
Fdisk is a text-based command-line utility for viewing and managing hard disk partitions on Linux.
To install fdisk:
1. Find out if your system has fdisk:
$ which fdisk
If it returns a path, that means fdisk is present on your system. In case it doesn't, you need to install it manually.
2. Now Install fdisk by running the below command on your terminal:
$ sudo apt install fdisk #On Debian-based systems
$ sudo dnf install fdisk #On Fedora
$ sudo pacman -S fdisk #On Arch-based distros
$ sudo yum install fdisk #On CentOS


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