Change DNS Settings on Westinghouse Smart TV - How to do it ?

In fact, Changing your DNS settings on the Westinghouse Smart TV can potentially improve your streaming and browsing experience.


Third-party DNS services like Google DNS and OpenDNS offer faster DNS resolution and can unlock access to content that may be restricted by your ISP's default DNS servers.


By following the steps explained in this guide to change your DNS to Google DNS or OpenDNS, you should notice faster speeds, less buffering, and easier access to streaming media services on your Smart TV. 


Here are some of the benefits of changing the DNS settings on your Westinghouse Smart TV:

  • Improved streaming speeds: Using a different DNS server can sometimes improve the streaming speeds of your Westinghouse Smart TV. This is because some DNS servers are more efficient than others at resolving domain names.
  • Access to blocked websites: If you are in a region where certain websites are blocked, you may be able to access them by changing the DNS settings on your Westinghouse Smart TV. This is because different DNS servers have different lists of blocked websites.
  • Increased security: Some DNS servers offer increased security features that can help protect your Westinghouse Smart TV from malware and other online threats.


However, DNS changes can sometimes cause connectivity issues, so if you face any problems accessing the internet or certain streaming platforms after switching DNS servers, you can always revert back to your ISP's default DNS settings.


We hope this guide helped you optimize your Westinghouse Smart TV to improve streaming, browsing, and Wi-Fi performance.

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