Check Connection on Westinghouse Smart TV - How to do it ?

Following the steps explained in this guide can help to fix most common network connectivity issues with your Westinghouse Smart TV. 


Smart TVs rely on a fast, stable internet connection to provide you with streaming media and smart apps. If you continue to face problems connecting to the internet or loading content on your TV, it's best to contact your internet service provider to check the signal strength going into your home. They can also check for any outage in your area.


As a last resort, you may need to factory reset your Westinghouse Smart TV to reset the software and network settings. But only perform a hard reset if other troubleshooting steps have failed and you have no other options. A factory reset will remove your Wi-Fi password, streaming service logins and any smart app logins from the TV memory. So make sure you have that information on hand in case you need to set up the TV from scratch again.


With some patience and by working through these troubleshooting steps, you'll get your Westinghouse TV connected and loaded with entertainment in no time. 


Enjoy streaming your favorite shows!

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