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In the simplest form, Search Engine Optimization also known as SEO is very essential as its the gateway to organic traffic which is Marketing of the Website itself.


How does Website Optimization works? 

The process of optimization of a website helps to improve the website with time. Nowadays SEO techniques have changed from the old ways as many website in a different niches keeps springing up in thousands everyday. This is why you need SEO experts who understand the latest technique to get this to work.

SEO takes 2 forms in today's world namely On-Page Website Optimization and the Off-page website Optimization. Now we will look into them briefly.


i. On-Page Website Optimization 

On-Page Optimization involves using the existing features of a webpage to improve the search engine ranking by means of meta tags, friendly seo URL, Proper Heading and so on. This helps the web page to rank on the Search Engine Results Page (SERP). This method is good and it can help drive lots of traffics to your website.


ii. Off-Page Optimization 

This involves applying external factors such as using backlinks to the pages on the website. Additionally, using researched keywords can also play an impressive role in the ranking of your website on Search Engines.

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