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PHP frameworks provides a basic structure by simplifying web application development. Without writing lengthy codes , the features of PHP add functionality to the web application.

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PHP simply means Hypertext Pre-processor. It is a a very popular server side scripting language widely used across different applications. PHP technology combines the characteristics of both HTML , JavaScript, CSS and C++.  PHP programming language is now the most sort for programming language for website development because its is very user friendly and can be easily incorporated into HTML code. Therefore, it provides an avenue for web designers to create amazing websites and web pages with great web experience. 


Some of the benefits of using PHP includes;


1. Open source.

Being an open source language,it is completely free of cost and its maintenance does not depend of a particular company. From time to time, many developers contribute and development of its code will always get better.This enables PHP to remain reliable.


2. User Friendly.

PHP applications can be easily customized if you have basic HTML and CSS skill. Therefore is is easy to work with.


3. Supports most Web Servers and Databases.

PHP is big on supporting most web servers and databases and therefore quite popular among many developers.




4. Works with most Operating Systems.

PHP supports most platforms and can be used in operating systems such as UNIX , Linux , Windows and MAC.

5. Security.

PHP Protects websites from targeted security attacks. Its framework has an in-built security feature which makes it easy for programmers to protect their applications or website from existing or future security threats.


Contact us Today if you need a PHP web developer to create great websites in PHP. We support Laravel and we do website or application development and customization in Laravel .


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