Panasonic Smart TV when Streams are choppy, fail in the menus or look bad - How to fix ?

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We've all been there. You're trying to watch your favorite show on your Panasonic Smart TV, but streaming issues keep getting in the way. Your connection is lagging, the stream won't start, or the quality is just unbearable. Frustrating right?

But the good news is, you don't have to settle for subpar streaming quality. There are a few things explained by our TV Technical Support team you can do to try to fix them.


How to fix Panasonic Smart TV issue when Streams are choppy, fail in the menus or look bad ?


1. Check your internet connection

The most common cause of streaming problems is a slow or unstable internet connection. 

You can start by Connecting the TV via Wired or Wi-Fi connection.

If you use a wired connection, the router and Smart TV must be close together and connected with a cable similar to a larger phone cable.

On the other hand, When using a wireless connection, your Router is usually located at a distance (e.g. another room) and accesses the Internet using radio signals.


To connect via Wi-Fi, you have to follow the below steps:
  • Press the Menu button on the TV remote.
  • Using the navigation arrows on the remote, go downwards and highlight Network then press OK.
  • Press OK on Network Connection.
  • Then press OK on Quick Setup.
  • When the Wi-Fi network list is populated, select your network and press OK.
  • If required, enter the Wi-Fi password then press the Return button on remote control on the remote. The password is case sensitive.
  • Once the connection is established review the confirmation screen and press OK on Done.


For Wired Connection, follow the below steps:
  • Get an Ethernet cable.
  • Take one end of the cable and plug it into your router/modem's Ethernet port.
  • Plug the other end of the cable into your device's Ethernet port.
  • Finally, connect your device to a wired connection.


Note: Make sure your streaming device is ready for 4K - check your internet speed with or You should have a minimum of 15-20 Mbps to ensure smooth streaming. If it falls short, you may need to get a better internet plan.


2. Try another streaming service

You can try another streaming service. For example, if you are having problems with Netflix, try YouTube.

If the other streaming services are functioning without any problems, the problem is likely related to the service itself.

Ensure that your streaming provider does not have any reported issues by checking their page on either a computer or mobile device.


3. Check if the service you're trying to connect to down

In this case you can Try again later when the services are back up.


4. Power Cycle your Panasonic Smart TV

Power cycling involves completely turning off your television and then restarting it. This helps the system to reset and can clear out any issues that may have arisen. It's often a simple way to resolve many common problems, and it’s recommended that you power cycle your Panasonic Smart TV periodically to keep it performing at its best.

  • Turn it off by pressing the power button.
  • Then unplug it from the power outlet.
  • Wait for 30 seconds.
  • Plug it back in then turn the TV back on.


5. Check Other Devices

Test your home's internet connection by using a different device, like your mobile phone, computer, gaming console, streaming media device, etc.


In fact, there are several steps you can take to improve streaming performance on your Panasonic Smart TV.

Checking your internet speed, updating your TV software and router firmware, lowering streaming quality, restarting apps and resetting your TV are all options if your streams are choppy or lagging. 


Here are 12 possible fixes for choppy or poor streaming on a Panasonic Smart TV:


1. Check your internet speed
  • On your streaming device, test your internet speed using a service like or
  • For reliable 4K streaming, you'll want at least 15-20 Mbps.
  • If your speed is lower, you may need to upgrade your internet plan.


2. Restart your router and modem
  • Locate your router and modem. Unplug them from power for 2-3 minutes.
  • Plug in your modem and wait 2 minutes. Then plug in your router and wait 2 minutes.
  • Check if streaming has improved on your TV. If not, try the next fix.


3. Update your Panasonic Smart TV software
  • On your TV remote, press the "Menu" or "Settings" button.
  • Select "System update" or "Software update".
  • If an update is available, select "Download" or "Install now" and follow the on-screen prompts to install it.
  • Once updated, check if your streaming issues are resolved.


4. Adjust streaming quality
  • Go to Settings - Network - Streaming quality
  • Select a lower quality like "Basic" or "Standard definition". This lowers the resolution to improve streaming on slower connections.
  • Check if your streaming is now smoother on the lower quality setting. If so, your internet speed may not support higher quality streaming.


5. Close and restart streaming apps
  • While streaming, press the "Options" or "Menu" button on your TV remote and select "Exit" to close the app.
  • Wait 30 seconds, then reopen the streaming app. This refreshes the app software which can sometimes fix temporary issues.
  • See if videos are streaming properly now. If still choppy, continue to the next fix.


6. Do a power reset of your TV
  • Locate the power cable for your Panasonic Smart TV and unplug it from the wall outlet.
  • Keep the TV unplugged for 2-3 minutes to drain any residual power from the unit.
  • Plug the power cable back in, turn your TV on and check if streaming performance has improved.


7. Check for Wi-Fi interference
  • Devices that emit radio frequency signals like microwaves, cordless phones, Bluetooth speakers, etc. can interfere with your Wi-Fi signal.
  • Turn any of these types of devices off that are within 6 feet of your TV or router. Or move them further away.
  • Check your streaming to see if performance has improved. If so, the interfering devices were likely causing issues.


8. Enable "Automatically check for updates"
  • Go to Settings - About TV - System update - Automatically check for updates
  • Turn this option "On" to allow your TV software and streaming apps to automatically update in the background.
  • Updates often contain bug fixes and performance improvements, so keeping your system up to date is important for streaming.


9. Restart modem/router at night
  • Unplug your modem and router at night when internet traffic levels are lower for the best streaming experience.
  • Leave them unplugged for 2-3 minutes to let your internet service provider clear their ports.
  • Plug in your modem, wait 2 minutes. Then plug in your router, wait 2 minutes.
  • Check your streaming and see if performance has improved with a fresh connection during off-peak hours.


10. Forget Wi-Fi network and re-connect
  • Go to Settings - Network - Wi-Fi
  • Select your Wi-Fi network and choose "Forget network" to remove the saved password.
  • Select your network again and re-enter the password to reconnect to the network. This resets your Wi-Fi connection which can fix streaming buffering.
  • Try streaming content on your TV to see if the new Wi-Fi connection has resolved issues.


11.Check for streaming service issues
  • Visit your streaming service's social media pages or do a web search for the name of the service and "reported issues" or "outage".
  • See if the service has recently posted about known streaming issues or outages in your area. If many users report issues at the same time, the problem likely lies with the streaming service temporarily.
  • In this case, you may just need to wait until the service resolves any issues on their end and streaming should return to normal.


12. Factory data reset
  • As a last resort, you can reset your Panasonic Smart TV to factory default settings. This will clear your internet and streaming account info, so you'll need to set them back up.
  • To reset, go to Settings - General - Factory reset. Follow the prompts to erase all data and reset your TV software.
  • Once reset, go through the initial setup steps to reconnect to Wi-Fi and streaming services. Check if your streaming performance issues are now resolved with a fresh software installation.


By trying the troubleshooting tips in this guide, you should be able to fix most issues with streaming on your Panasonic Smart TV and get back to enjoying your favorite content.

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