Panasonic Smart TV Picture quality is stretched , squished or has Black Borders - What to do ?

Panasonic Smart TVs

Panasonic Smart TVs are known for their high-quality picture and sound, but even the best TVs can experience picture problems from time to time. 


This guide by Fixwebnode will cover how to resolve Panasonic Smart TV stretched , squished or Black Borders Picture quality.



What to do When Your Panasonic Smart TV Picture Quality is Stretched, Squished, or Has Black Borders


If you're seeing a stretched, squished, or black-bordered picture on your Panasonic Smart TV, there are a few things you can do to try to fix it.


1. Adjust Picture Size Aspect Ratio

Basically, The aspect ratio setting determines how the TV displays the image. If the aspect ratio is set incorrectly, the picture may be stretched, squished, or have black borders. 

The format of your Smart TV is 16:9, however some older programming was made in a 4:3 ratio and movies are nowadays created with a 21:9 ratio. 

Consequently the display may feature black bars at the top and bottom, or left and right. 

You have the option to zoom, stretch, or restore to the original sizing of the image with the Format button. 


To do this:

  • Press the Format button on your TV remote. You may need to press it multiple times to scroll through available choices. 
  • On some TVs, you must press the HOME or Menu buttons. 
  • Go to Settings, then select Picture and Picture Size Settings
  • You can preview and adjust to your desired size. 


2. Adjust the zoom setting

The zoom setting can also affect the picture quality. If the zoom setting is too high, the picture may be stretched or squished. 


To adjust the zoom setting:

  • Go to the Settings menu on your TV.
  • Next, select Picture
  • Then, select Zoom.
  • You can try different zoom settings to see which one gives you the best picture quality.


3. Try a different input source
  • If you're seeing picture problems with a particular input source, try switching to a different input source. 
  • For example, if you're seeing picture problems with a Blu-ray player, try switching to a different input source, such as a cable box or streaming device.


4. Restart the TV

Sometimes, a simple restart can fix picture problems. 


To restart your Panasonic Smart TV:

  • Press and hold the power button on the TV remote control for about 10 seconds, until the TV turns off. 
  • Then, wait a few seconds and turn the TV back on.


5. Update the firmware

Make sure that your Panasonic Smart TV is running the latest firmware. Outdated firmware can sometimes cause picture problems. 


To check for firmware updates:

  • Go to the Settings menu on your TV and select System
  • Then, select System Update and follow the on-screen instructions.


In fact, If you're seeing a stretched, squished, or black-bordered picture on your Panasonic Smart TV, it's likely due to an incorrect aspect ratio setting, zoom setting, input source, or firmware version. 


You can try the following troubleshooting steps to fix the problem:
  • Check the aspect ratio setting and make sure it's set to match the aspect ratio of the content you're watching.
  • Adjust the zoom setting.
  • Try a different input source.
  • Restart the TV.
  • Update the firmware.

By following these tips, you should be able to fix most picture problems with your Panasonic Smart TV.

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