Easy method to fix error 1000 in Cloudflare



Cloudflare error 1000 is a common error which is caused when you input invalid records in the DNS zone settings of a Domain.

Our Server Experts have resolved several cases of cloudflare errors.

In here, we shall guide you on how to get rid of the cloudflare issue "error 1000 DNS points to prohibited IP"


Why does the cloudflare error 1000 occurs?

Most cloudflare users experience Error 1000, DNS points to prohibited IP error after they make changes in the DNS settings.

  • This error report results when a cloudflare account is moved from one server to another.
  • It shows that a recent change was made in the DNS and denotes that an incorrect record has been made when the IP which the website points to is prohibited.


Other cases where this error turns up includes:

  • When the X-Forwarded-For header request is of a lenghty character exceeding 100.
  • When there are two X-Forwarded-For headers request at the same time.
  • When there is a conflict in the number of times a request to cloudflare is executed in relation to the Cloudflare DNS A or CNAME record referencing to a different reverse proxy.
  • When a record meant for a cloudflare DNS app points to a cloudflare IP address.

Generally, website visitor's IP addresses and proxy server are maintained by X-Forwarded-For. It encompasses the details of the original visitor's IP address and proxy server IP addresses supplied to Cloudflare through the said X-Forwarded-For header.

To solve this error, apply the following tips.


Methods to apply in solving the Cloudflare error 1000

Due to the fact that this error is from the Cloudflare, it is best to verify the DNS records you supplied in the Domain DNS area of your Cloudflare.

  • Ensure that the A records matches the correct server IP address. Avoid adding any cloudflare IP address as an A record in the DNS section in your Cloudflare client area. If it happens that an existing cloupflare IP address is currently pointing to the A records, you are to update it accordingly to your Server IP address instead.
  • Also ensure that in your Domain area DNS settings, you allow only the cloudflare's recommended dns information to avoid any form of conflicts.
  • Additionally, look out for duplicate DNS records addressing the same Name such as more than one A records pointing to multiple hostname.
  • Finally, an incorrect configuration of the reverse proxy sending request back via the cloudflare proxy could also cause error 1000.

To resolve this, simply replace the reverse-proxy with a simple http redirection at your Server side.


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Basically, we can now see that the cloudflare 1000 error is as a result of an invalid DNS record in your DNS zone for your domain. Our Server Support Experts provided possible solutions.



Easiest way to fix Cloudflare error 1000 caused by misconfiguration of the DNS. How to fix Cloudflare error 1000 caused by misconfiguration of the DNS

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