Fix Postgresql error 1053


Postgresql 1053 error is very common when you work with a databases based on PostgresSQL.

When this error occurs, you will usually see an error message which says "the service did not respond to the start or control request in a timely fashion". This is as a result of incorrect file permission or missing files.

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Why does the Postgresql error 1053 occurs?

This Postgresql 1053 error which states that "The service did not respond to the start or control request in a timely fashion" takes place once a request to start a service is not responding within the specified time it is suppose to.



It is caused by the following factors;

  • Corrupted files
  • Restrictions in Firewall
  • Incorrect file permission
  • Low timeout rate

We will look into these factors in details:


Corrupted files

When the installation of an application or software is somehow corrupted, the Postgresql error message 1053 will be triggered. I most cases, doing the installation again will help resolve this issue.

In other cases, some important window core files might be missing thereby causing some dependencies to malfunction. If this is the case, it is better to get a fresh copy via the official online source.

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Restrictions in Firewall

Firewall rules can cause PostgreSQL 1053 error during installation. To get Postgres started successfully, you can disable such firewall rule temporarily.


Incorrect file permission

When there is an incorrect permission of the files, the 1053 PostgreSQL error could come up. The windows Event viewer will display more information about the error anyway.

For example, this error will come up if the Postgres working directory was set to read-only. Most Anti-virus application in the server could make such changes in the permission. In this case, the read permission to everyone on the system will help to resolve this issue.


Low timeout rate

All the Windows services are controlled by the Microsoft Windows Service Control Manager. The normal time a service would take to respond to an event is 30 seconds. In cases where some technical restrictions or issues with performances makes the service to take a longer time to respond, the 1053 error will be immediately triggered.

This error can be easily fixed if a ServicesPipeTimeout DWORD value is set. What this value does is to override the default timeout value.

To get through this issue, Do the following;

1. Locate the Registry editor from the Windows Search tool( Start -  Run ) and type regedit.

2. Use the export option to generate a backup of the registry files.

3. Next, go to the location;


4. When you get to the control folder, do a right click action and select new DWORD Value

Name the new DWORDServicesPipeTimeout

5. Then, do a right click action on the "ServicesPipeTimeout" and click on Modify;

you will see "Decimal" then type value  '180000'.

6. Lastly, do a restart of the system.



Basically, the 1053 Postgresql error is prompted when there are permission issues, limit placed by firewall, timeout problems and so on. Our Support Experts can fix the 1053 error for you.



Steps to fix Postgresql error 1053. This tutorial will help you solve Postgresql error 1053

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