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Google Cloud Storage Coldline is important when you need to archive data or in the process of disaster recovery.

Here at Fixwebnode, we shall look into Google Coldline Cloud Storage.


More about Google Cloud Storage Coldline ?

The different cloud storage classes includes:

  • Google Cloud Multi-Regional Storage.
  • Google Cloud Regional Storage.
  • Google Cloud Storage Nearline.
  • Google Cloud Storage Coldline.


Coldline Storage can be described as a type of cold-tier storage that stores data with low access requirements. It comes in handy for archival data that requires access less than once a year. Although there are several other cold storage options, Google Cloud Coldline Storage tops the list.


A few reasons why Google Cloud Coldline Storage is popular includes:

  • The monthly fee per GB is very low, depending on the region.
  • 99% data availability guarantee according to the service level agreement. Furthermore, in case Google does not meet the uptime as per the SLA, we are eligible for credit.
  • The minimum storing period is ninety days. In case we wind up deleting the data before this period is over, we have to pay for the remaining period as well.
  • Furthermore. there is only a low data retrieval fee of around $0.05 per GB.


Since Coldline storage is preferred for disaster recovery or archiving, the 99% data availability is noteworthy. The pay-per-usage model is another reason why it is so popular. 


Other features of Google Storage classes includes:

  • Oauth.
  • Access controls.
  • Encryption for data security.
  • Redundancy.


Moreover, we can access the data in Google Cloud Storage Coldline via Google APIs as well as the Google Cloud Platform Console. Also, we can use third-party backup and storage products to integrate this storage platform.


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This article covers Google Cloud Coldline Storage. In fact, Google Cloud Storage Coldline is a public cloud cold storage service that is specifically designed to store data that organizations access no more than once

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