Easy steps on how to publish your website using Dreamweaver CS5

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Adobe Dreamweaver CC is a web design and an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) program which is used to develop and design websites.
Most amateur web developers still use Dreamweaver to build their websites due to its easy to use features and its is easy to use.
Therefore, Dreamweaver is a more suitable software to use if you too comfortable in writing HTML and CSS codes.
Here at Fixwebnode, we regularly help our Customers to Develop or update their existing Websites as part of our Website Support Services.
In this context, we shall look into developing a website with Dreamweaver Software.

How to to publish your website?

Here you will learn the easy way of publishing your website using Dreamweaver CS5. Follow the steps below;
1. To get started, Open the Dreamweaver application and use it to open the site your are trying to develop.
2. Now, click on  "Site" followed by "Put" within the Dreamweaver application.
3. Ensure that you save the file whenever you make any changes to the site files.
4. If the pages you are trying to publish reference other files, such as images or CSS files, Dreamweaver will reference these as "Dependent Files" and prompt you about publishing  them as well.
5. If this is your first time publishing your files, or if you have previously published but have made changes to any of those external pages, you will need to select the option "Yes" in order to publish the dependent files.
6. Now you can proceed with publishing the website. After publishing the site, changes will be reflected immediately.

In some cases, the changes might not reflect immediately. So you need to clear the browser cache to enable you see the changes made to your Website.


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Using Dreamweaver application to publish your Website. This article will guide you on the process you need to follow to publish your website via Dreamweaver application.

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