Using Meson to build an application software or a Linux project


Meson is a free open source software developed in Python under the Apache License 2.0.

It is a very essential tool for developers in enhancing the building of software. It enhances productivity this way.

Meson is very easy to use and highly recommended software tool. We will  describe how to set up  and use Meson.

To install Meson successfully, ensure that you have the  Python 3 and Ninja in the system.


Meson can be installed via 3 methods. We outlined it below;

1. Install via package manager

2. Install via Python

3. Install from Source


1. Install via package manager

To install through package manager, in ubuntu, you can use the following command;

$ sudo apt-get install python3 python3-pip python3-setuptools \ python3-wheel ninja-build

2. Install via Python

To do the installation via Python, you need to have the "pip3" tool.

First you have to install pip3 via;

$ sudo apt install python3-pip

Next run the following command to install meson;

$ pip3 install meson

Using this method it is recommended that you install as a user as the above command apply to installation as root!

If you are performing the installation as a user, do the following;

$ pip3 install --user meson

3. Install from Source

Installing meson via Source requires that you have git installed in the system. To install git , use the command below;

$ sudo apt-get install git

Then to install meson , use the command below;

$ git clone /path/to/sourcedir

TO compile a project or software using Meson.

To compile a project using meson, navigate to the directory of the software via the command below;

$ cd /path/to/source/root

Then use the command to build directory;

$ meson builddir && cd builddir

Next you have to recompile with the command;

$ ninja
$ ninja test



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