How to set up Dreamweaver CS5 server settings ?

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Adobe Dreamweaver CS5 is an amazing tool which helps Web developers and designers to build great websites without having an advanced knowledge about CSS and HTML.
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In this context, we shall look into the best method of setting up your sever settings in Dreamweaver CS5 using cPanel Control Panel.

How to configure server settings in Dreamweaver CS5?

Setting up the Server Settings in Dreamweaver can be done by following the process given below;
i. Start by opening the website on Dreamweaver application by clicking on "Site" followed by "Manage Sites...".
ii. Next, choose your site from the list you will see and then click on "Edit" to see more options.
iii. Now, if your have not configured the Server previously then you have to click on "Servers" and then click on the plus sign to enable you add a new server.
iv. In a case where the Server have already been configured, the you should choose the configured Server from the list and then click on the pencil icon to modify its settings.

Basic Server Settings in Dreamweaver CS5?

Dreamweaver CS5 has a basic settings area where you can configure attributes such as the Server nameFTP addressUsername and so on.
Below are the most important Basic Server Settings option if you are using cPanel Control panel;
1. Server Name.

This is where you can specify the name of the Server.

2. Connect using.

Here you can choose the protocol with which you want to use to establish connect to your Server. For example you can choose FTP.

3. FTP Address.

Here you should input your domain name here.

4. Username and Password.

In here you can specify your cPanel username and password.

5. Root Directory.

This area allows you to specify the "public_html" of your domain or website.

6. Web URL.

This will auto fill in for you when you enter a root directory. Ensure that "public_html" is removed from the Web URL so that it only reads (Use your actual domain here).

7. More Options.

Here you can choose the option "Use Passive FTP" to enable use Passive FTP.

Now you can test the server settings to ensure that everything is fine. Then once you are able to establish a connection to the server, you can save the configuration by clicking "OK" followed by "Save" to effect changes.

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This article will guide you through in the process of configuring your sever settings in Dreamweaver CS5.

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