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Sometimes Webmasters prefers to install Cubecart Ecommerce Software manually.
When the installation is done manually, you will have more options in terms of Customization.
For CubeCart installation via Softaculous, you will go through an more easier process but with limited options to customize.
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In this context, we shall look into how to install Cubecart Ecommerce application manually.

Steps to install Cubecart Ecommerce Software Manually?

In this guide, we shall use cPanel control panel. Follow the steps below to get CubeCart application installed manually;

1. Database Configuration

i. To get Cubecart application up and running, you need to set up its database.
To do this, Log into your cPanel Dashboard and once logged in, click on the "MySQL Database Wizard" tool.
ii. Ensure that you note the information concerning the database such as the database name, username and password.
iii. Then, enter a database name and click on "Next Step" to proceed.
iv. Next, input a new user and password for the database and click on "Create User" button. This information is important for Cubecart for managing data such as Users and products.
v. Now you will be redirected to the "Add user to the database" page where you can set the privileges for the user. Here click on check box for "All Privileges".
vi. Next, scroll down and click on the button "Next Step" to continue with the database configuration.
Now the database will be created and ready for use by CubeCart.

2. CubeCart Application Download and Upload

Now that the database is ready, you need to download and upload CubeCart to your Website root directory.
i. To start, go to CubeCart official Website to download its newest version.
ii. Once downloaded to your computer, you can upload it to your web host either via FTP program such as Filezilla or via cPanel File Manager.
iii. Now, from the file manager, click on your website root directory "public_html".
iv. Next, click on the "upload" tab which is usually at the top left side of the public_html directory. Then, upload the ZIP file you downloaded from CubeCart's site by selecting the file from your computer.
v. After uploading the application zip file to your Server, select the file and extract it by clicking on the "Extract" tab from the top right side of the page.

3. CubeCart Application Installation

Now that the application has been uploaded and extracted to the website, you can proceed with the actual installation. To do this, follow the process below;
i. Visit your website from any web browser and you will see the CubeCart  Installation "Compatibility Check" page. What this does is to scan through your web hosting properties and make sure your software is compatible.
If all is good, then you will see that all the required elements are green. Then click on the "Continue" button to proceed with the installation.
ii. Next, you will see a warning screen telling you that you are about to install Cubecart. Click on "Continue" button to continue to the next page.
iii. In the next page, you will see the Software License Agreement which is the standard GNU Public License stating this is free software and other data. Click the check box to agree with the license , followed by the "Continue" button to go to the next page.
iv. Now, you will be taken to the File Permissions page which will check your files and directory to see if they are writable. Click on "Continue" button to go to the next page.
v. Now, you have to enter your database details which was previously created the earlier step as well as the administrative profile.
After entering them, click on "Continue" to proceed.
vi. Now the installation will be completed and you will see a Congratulation page which will show you the store front URL as well as the link to the admin screen.
vii. Click the link under "Admin Control Panel" to access your CubeCart website.

How to customize your newly installed CubeCart store?

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This article will guide you on how to manually install CubeCart on your Server or Web host. This easy to follow, step-by-step guide will help you through the process of manually installing the CubeCart Ecommerce Software.

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