How to optimize your Wordpress Website by using Lazy Load on Images and Videos.

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Images and Videos takes up a considerable amount by affecting the website speed performance.

When a visitor access a WordPress site via a web browser, the images and videos on the web pages downloads before the page loads successfully.
Here at Fixwebnode, as part of our Website Support Services, we regularly help our customers to Optimize their Websites for overall Speed and Performance.
Today, we will look into how to optimize your WordPress Website performance with Lazy Load on Images and Videos.

More about WordPress Lazy Load on Images and Videos

WordPress makes it very easy to integrate images and videos into pages and posts or even in the background of the theme.
With the release of WordPress 5.5, the Lazy Load feature is a core part and helps the optimization of the site by handling the images and Videos loading and processing in a more efficient way.
Lazy loading is basically the method of optimization of a website which loads visible contents. It works great with Search Engines such as Google. With this technique, it is very helpful especially when you deal with lots of images and videos on your posts and pages.
The way in which Lazy loading works is that the browser builds the web page without downloading images and preloading videos. Then with the JavaScript, the images to be downloaded as well as the videos is based on the content already visible when the pages loads. So when the visitor scrolls down the page, other videos are downloaded and rendered.
Basically, images are not downloaded until they are actually needed. The goal is to enhance the performance of the Site which contains lots of high-resolution images as well as embedded videos.

How to implement Lazy Load on WordPress Websites?

Lazy Load on WordPress sites can be implement by installing a WordPress lazy load plugin .
Some great plugins which helps to boost the speed at which a webpage loads are listed below.

i. a3 Lazy Load

a3 Lazy Load  is a great WordPress lazy plugin which is quite popular among WordPress Users. Once this plugin is installed, you can set it up from your WordPress Dashboard.
To do this, simply navigate to the "Settings" tab and yo should then click on "a3 Lazy Load" where you can modify it as per your needs.
Basically, A3 Lazy Load leaves default WordPress behavior intact and the result is that a much smaller image file is delivered.

ii. Lazy Load

Another solution is to use Lazy Load plugin which works on thumbnails to make images in a post content compressed to optimize Website speed.

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Lazy Load plugin does not have an option to configure but it simply works out of the box.

iii. Native Lazyload

The Native Lazyload plugin is developed by Google and it helps to make web pages load much faster. Once installed and activated, its attribute will be inserted automatically into your website img and iframe tags.

iv. Lazy Load for Videos

Lazy Load for Videos is capable of handling lazy loading videos and it is mainly effective for video contents.

How does Lazy Loading affects SEO?

When using a Lazy Load plugin, it is important to consider if it will affect the SEO  of your website or not.

Therefore, ensure that Google can crawl your lazy loaded images. Use tools such as "Fetch as Google" under the crawl section in Google Search Console. If your images is in source code then it is fine.
Also ensure that you use alt text property on all your images to improve Google Image search ranking for your website.

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How to enhance WordPress Website boosting Lazy Load ? This article will show you the different Lazy loading plugins to enhance your WordPress Site Performance and webpages loading speed.

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