Differences between White hat, black hat and grey hat SEO Practices

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The concept of Black hat and White hat was adopted from Action Movies from the western part of the world.

These movies portrays the bad guys and the Good guys. In the same vein, this applies to how SEO is implemented in today's World.

On the other hand, a Grey Hat SEO technique is unique in its way as it does not pose much risk unlike the Black hat method.

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Let us look into these SEO practices briefly.


What is Black hat SEO?

Black Hat SEO involves using shady practices to try to improve website ranking on Search engine results page. Although, utilizing Black hat SEO methods can see to it that your website appears on the first page of google search engines results (SERP), however your website can be penalized and taking down by search engines without warning.

Search engines like Google and Bing specifies a composed list of guidelines which serves as violating practices to avoid while performing Search Engine Optimization.


Some Black Hat SEO practices includes;

i. Annoying spamming via website Post Comments.

ii. Using irrelevant Backlinks.

iii. The idea of using link cloaking and misleading redirects.

iv. Implementing keyword stuffing.

v. The process of link manipulation.



What is White hat SEO?

White hat SEO means following the set guidelines and rules to help your website rank better on Search Engines. To succeed in utilizing White hat SEO, you need to take the following factors to mind;


i. Using relevant and quality contents on all pages of your website.

ii. Implementing overall optimization of every part of the website.

iii. Proper link Building.


Some White Hat SEO practices includes the following;

i. Adopting natural links

ii. Building your brand using popular platforms.

iii. Using Natural links

iv. Well written unique and quality contents.

v. Using great strategies in your Contents.

vi. Improving SEO with On-page optimization.

vii. Doing a proper research on the Keyword you use for website contents.


Although adopting white hat SEO practices can be slow to get results as this is a Long-Term investment of your website, however it tends to yield the best results in the long run.


More about Grey hat SEO practices.

Grey hat SEO practices are not clearly defined by Search engines but it appears to be the most safest and effective method of implementing SEO on your website to help it ranking higher on major search engines. With the method, you can reach a massive outreach and potential audience.


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How to implement White hat and grey hat seo techniques the right way to improve your website Search engine visibility on Search Engine results page (SERP). This article will show you how SEO experts do White hat and Grey hat Search Engine Optimization to improve Website visibility and Traffic.

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