What search engines actually do to searched term queries

Search Engine Optimization

Have you ever wondered the factors search engines takes to rank a website for a particular search keyword or phrase?

This article will show you how Search engines work.

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In this context, we will look into how Search Engines Works with website contents and how Keywords and Phrases searched on them triggers results for the end users.


What does Search Engines Do?

Search Engines such as Google and Yahoo have something in common. They form the foundation of how they work with the contents of a web page.

Three important actions of Search engines are outlined below;

i. Crawling Contents and Links

ii. Content and Website Indexing

iii. Getting hold of the results and Displaying to the end users.


Let us discuss these actions briefly.


What Crawling website Contents and Links is all about?

Crawling also known as Spidering is a process whereby bots specifically made for this purpose scans websites along with all its contents, Keywords, images, headings and hyperlinks. Basically, these bots crawls any data it finds on the website.

In the process of crawling data on the whole internet daily, crawlers parse all pages looking for new links continuously and effectively by its ability to detect hyperlinks links on a website pointing to other websites.


How does Search engines perform Indexing?

Indexing of a website happens immediately after the Crawling process. This process takes time as millions of websites from all over the world with multiple pages are indexed. Usually it could take a minimum of 24 hours to even 14 days for a web page to be indexed on a Search engine. Although in some cases, it could take longer, but definitely optimizing pages is very important to enable you achieve a better result.


Indexed pages of a particular website can be viewed by using the search operator below;


Where "domain.com" signifies your domain as per your case.

Additionally, whenever you make an update on a website content or pages, the crawler scans the page again and the Indexing process will occur with time.


How Search engines deal with search results and Displaying to the end users.

Search results refers to outputs provided to end users searching for a particular information on a Search Engine such as GoogleMicrosoft and Yahoo. As soon as a search keyword, term or phrase is submitted, the search engine scans and dig into the index and tends to get matching results. Basically search queries are checked against billions of websites according to the algorithms placed by the Search engine to get the best result.

So the best result ranks higher and is displayed on the first page of the search engine result page (SERP).


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How search engines work with Websites by crawling, Indexing and displaying contents as results to the end users. It is great to learn how search engines crawls, Index and displays website contents as results to the end users.

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